Business Insurance

Business insurance caters for the members, owners, partners, as well as employees, and insures the long term success and protection of the business.

Insuring your business is surprisingly easy.

The individual needs and risk profile of every business differs. It is essential to fully understand these needs before the very best advice on business risk protection can be offered. What does the structure look like, which individuals are essential to the success of the business and how can we make sure that the risk of losing that person is managed?

Long term business insurance deals with the following areas:


Buy and sell agreement

Business partners take out life and disability cover on each other to ensure liquidity for change of ownership in the event of a business partner’s death or disability. (ie. Preventing the business partners spouse from taking over).

Key man insurance

If there is one or more people in your business that is very important to operating profits, the business can insure that individual. This will be a lump sum amount to “poach” another employee from a competitor or pay for the training of a replacement.

Pension/provident fund

Employees and employer contribute towards an investment focused on providing an income at retirement. There are many tax benefits to a business by implementing this as well as promoting staff loyalty and production. Risk benefit such as life cover and disability are less expensive taken as a company benefit.

Short term business insurance:

We have a group of 6 dedicated short term insurance specialists. As with the long term side of Pilotinsure, they are completely independent and offers the very best value for money short term insurance possible.

Every one of our short term consultants are true specialists in the field. It also helps that they are very service orientated and fully understand the claims process.

If you want true piece of mind and a specialist on your side at claim stage, we have the perfect people for you.

Areas of focus

Need to know more about our business insurance? Short term or long term…

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