Dread Disease

Covering yourself and your ability to earn an income in the event of a dread disease diagnosis could be a big influence on your quality of life.

Dread Disease

This provides you with a lump sum amount on diagnosis or severe stages of: cancer, heart attacks and other heart diseases, strokes, eye and ear disorders, and paralysis, to name a few.

What you as a pilot need to know

The difference between you being paid out 5% or 100% of the insured amount on diagnosis of a dread disease is determined by the type of policy you have chosen.

Make sure your policy pays out on diagnosis, and not only at stage 3-4 of cancer. You might just need the money for treatment directly after diagnosis and it is obviously better to be paid out 100% of the insured amount as apposed to 5%.


It ties with Disability

Dread disease ties in with your disability cover, i.e. will you still be able to get your medical after suffering a heart attack?

We dread it as much as you do, that’s why we urge you to ensure your peace of mind today.

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