In this article, we explain the finer details of risk cover and pilot’s insurance and unpack five different types of risk cover designed to protect pilots against challenges they might face. 

Join us as we navigate this information and ensure you’re equipped with the insights necessary to understand the complexities of risk cover for pilots in South Africa’s aviation industry.

What is pilot insurance?

Pilot risk cover is like a safety net for commercial and private pilots. It’s a special kind of protection that helps pilots stay safe from unexpected and unpleasant life events that can happen. Just like how a parachute keeps skydivers safe, pilot risk cover is there to help pilots if something goes wrong. It’s a way to make sure that pilots and their families are taken care of if they face challenges or unexpected situations.

Types of risk cover

1. Loss of licence

Loss of pilot license insurance provides a vital safety net for pilots in the event of unexpected medical conditions that could lead to the suspension or loss of their pilot’s license.

This coverage ensures that pilots continue to receive financial support even if they can’t pass their Class 1 medical assessments due to health reasons. For pilots who rely on flying as their livelihood, loss of license insurance brings peace of mind by offering monthly compensation or a lump sum payout to help mitigate the financial impact of being unable to work as a pilot. 

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2. Life cover

Life insurance for pilots provides security for pilots and their loved ones. This specialised insurance ensures that in the unfortunate event of a pilot’s passing, their designated beneficiaries are looked after. 

It’s a fundamental measure that recognises the unique risks pilots undertake and ensures their families are well-supported even in the face of life’s uncertainties.

We will ensure you are covered for all your flying along with everything else, providing absolute peace of mind.

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3. Disability

Disability insurance provides financial security in the event of a pilot’s inability to work due to a disabling injury or illness. 

Given the physical demands and unique challenges that pilots face, disability insurance offers peace of mind, ensuring that pilots and their families remain financially bolstered during periods of unexpected health-related setbacks. 

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4. Impairment

Impairment insurance offers essential financial protection in case a pilot experiences a specific loss of physical or cognitive function due to a covered impairment. 

This unique insurance provides pilots with a predetermined payout in the event of a qualifying impairment, helping to alleviate the potential financial burden that may arise from medical treatments, adjustments to living arrangements, or other unexpected costs. 

We will never suggest impairment if Loss of Licence cover is an option, as it is a far inferior product for a pilot to have. Many impairment products are sold and disguised as a loss of licence or disability cover. Make sure to ask us for a review.

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5. Dread disease

Dread disease insurance provides pilots with important financial support in the unfortunate event of being diagnosed with a specific serious illness or medical condition covered by the policy. 

This insurance offers pilots a lump sum payment upon diagnosis, helping to alleviate the potential financial strain that comes with extensive medical treatments, rehabilitation, and lifestyle adjustments. 

There are various dread disease options on the market from many insurers – make sure yours pays on diagnosis and is with an insurer which has a history of fast claims.

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Easy, effective risk cover for pilots in South Africa

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